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Recent Recording Work

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The Journey Begins

The Cat Came Back

Swinging Easy

Son of Drone

Shufflecho City

Pinky's Vibe

Ortep's House

Now That It's Over

New Trip

Acoustic Dream

Siren Song

Where's Herb?

Just Riffing

Steel Guitar Express

Bouncing With Bob

Waiting For Irma

Sliding Home

Gliding Away

Tampa Showdown

The Strut

Arizona Nights

Baby Steps

JB Groove

Etude Number 1

Hypnotic Strings

Trouble In The Desert


Sunny Day Ride

Blue Byrd

Moonlight Memory

Renaissance Blues




90th Street Meet

Ortep's Mood

Remembering The Dream

The Garden

Quiet Please



"Mr. Maziso" track from the CD "Shupikai" by Collector (click to listen) - Bob P on guitar


Gotham Radio Bob P interview - Jan 31st, 2012 (click to listen)



A couple songs from the "Shanghai Shuffle" CD

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Hey Shellena

Lady With a Plan



RadioX Broadcast (Robert Charels and the Metropolitan Blues Band)

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Fannie Mae

(Bob P 1st solo; Anthony Steele 2nd)

Eagle Rock Me

(Anthony Steele 1st solo; Bob P 2nd)

Tend to Your Business

(Bob P 1st solo; Anthony Steele 2nd)



RadioX Broadcast (Nawlins Funk Band - Bob P vocal)

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Sick And Tired

I Got My Mojo Workin'