TAMPA BAY - 2013 to present

















NYC - 2000 - 2013


On Long Island - Blues Society events


At LaBella's Wednesday Blues Night


Photos from Collector II "Shupikai" CD insert - released 2012

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Anthony Steele, Robert Charels, and Bob with BB King backstage at North Fork Theater


With composer Rhys Chatham at rehearsal for Lincoln Center performance


With Michael Hill at Robert Charels' Lakewest sessions for the "3 Leg Dogs" CD


Robert Charels Band at BB King's - NYC (Lucille's Grill)


At Paula Jean's Supper Club


Bob P Band at A&M Roadhouse




With Robert Charels at the American Music Festival



with the Nawlins Funk Band



From a show opening for the Capris ("There's a Moon Out Tonight", "Morse Code of Love")




FLASHBACKS - NYC 1961 to 2000's